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Kizomba Touch was born from an idea of Simon. Kizomba is all about connection, established by a simple, gentle touch, which goes all theway to your heart. If you look more closely, you see the hidden message TO. U. CH. meaning that we want to bring this wonderful dance and feeling to you in Switzerland.

Our passion started at the very beginning when Kizomba arrived in Europe. After years of participating in many parties and festivals as dancers and learning about the culture and the essence of the dance, we decided to take a new path. We took private lessons with the best dancers and worldwide awarded teachers to be able to deliver a well structured program for teaching Kizomba. Our program focusses not only on steps, but also on specific exercises to improve your leading, your style and musicality. You will learn how to move properly , how to listen , understand and express yourself to the music, which style fits to which music, amongst many other things.

Thanks to our predefined and proven learning curve, we will give you all you need to dance starting with the basic classes ( see Class programs ) and put you in condition to develop yourself in the more advanced classes to find and refine your own style and learn tricky steps. Our class structure will help you fix the steps in your mind permanently. For us it’s important to see you improve and give you the “WOW” factor when you see yourself dancing. Have you ever wondered why other dance classes like Salsa, Hip Hop or Jazz have specific exercises for your posture, style and musicality, but you cannot find this approach in normal Kizomba classes ? We asked ourselves the same question, so we decided to give you the opportunity to learn Kizomba, taking care of all of these important aspects. Even if sometimes exercises may seem boring, we can assure you that you will enjoy them and have fun. For us it’s really important to see our students happy and smiling all the time.

Our classes will enable you to dance and understand the traditional style because we think that it’s really important to respect and know the roots of this dance. In addition to that, we will bring you closer to the new styles that you can see developing around the world. Everything is in movement, different music emerged, and this new music inspires a different approach tothe dance. A good dancer, from our point of view, should be able to change his/her style according to the music, like a chameleon. And we’re here to guide your way. So lets take the chance and come to our world!

What our students say

  • A different way to teach Kizomba with usefull exercises. After 2 lessons you can dance on the dance floor. The teachers are amazing, young and with a lot of passion !! I love this class, the best of Zurich !


  • I have great time join Kizomba classes given by Kizomba Touch are simply amazing. Relaxed atmosphere, properly explained steps and the ability to practice the routines learnt with a great bunch of like minded people is an experience one of a kind. I highly recommend to join this particular course in Zurich in order to lit up KiZomba within you.


  • Kizomba Touch team sind motivierte und aufgestellteTanzlehrer, welche mit Begeisterung Kizomba unterrichten. Sie bringen uns in einer familiären Ambiente mit viel Herzblut ihre Tanzschritte bei und setzen alles daran, dass wir uns wohlfühlen. Sie gehen auch in Privatlektionen auf individuelle Wünsche ein. Ob Anfänger oder Fortgeschritten, ob jung oder alt - alle sind jederzeit herzlich willkommen.


  • emotional, connected, musical, sensual, like philosophy in a dance.. that's Kizomba with Kizomba Touch


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