The multiple faces of the same coin.

During a lesson, one of my student raised his hand and expressed his confusion about the variety of music styles belonging to the Kizomba Umbrella. The Answer probably would have taken the whole hour of lesson so I decided to write an article ( with examples ) to make some order. Nowadays we have so many different kind of music

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KIZOMBA ? What ? .. This is not Kizomba !!?

… But it sound like that, I can dance on it in the same way as I’m doing in Kizomba. Why this is not Kizomba ?! This was just a joke !! I’m gonna explain you why. I’m coming from a completely different music background; Since I’m 13 I started to listen the great rock band from the sixties / seventies

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We are really proud to be invited for the first festival ZURICH KIZOMBA NIGHTS happening the next 26Th of November in Bananenreiferei. It’s a great chance to take part at some interesting workshops, meet artists and great Djs. We will held a beginner workshop Saturday from 18-19 about MUSICALITY AND TECNIQUE in Kizomba. We want to propose something different and

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Kizombatouch Festivals PROMOCODE

KIZOMBATOUCH always on the track !!! From today we are proud to announce that we are official promoter of two of the best Kizomba festival in Europe.We are speaking about KIZOMBA MILANO FESTIVAL and FUSION KIZOMBA ROMA. If you never been to a festival before, from our point of view it’s a great chance because they are both really close

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Kizomba Touch goes to Afrolatin Connection Training

GREAT NEWS !! As we already said KIZOMBA TOUCH is always developing ourselves and learn new stuff in order to deliver  Hi-end classes for our students. So sticking on this track, last July we went to the “AFROLATIN CONNECTION 8th KIZOMBA TEACHERS TRAINING” in Portugal , which means we spent  5 days with one of the worldwide awarded Kizomba couple in the world. Paula

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