I’m Microsoft … and I’m gonna support Apple !!



No !! We’re not getting crazy!

Today we want to give our point of view about the hot topic : ” That teacher is just doing it for the money !! ”

I’m gonna explain better what we mean. Every time there’s coming up a new thing, for example a new dance like Kizomba, someone starts to learn and starts to teach.  After few years the scene grow up and then slightly the styles change and there are new guys who moved from the passion for the dance, working hard they decide to spread their knowledge to other people, so they start their path as teacher in the world of Kizomba. At this point the “old teachers” ( I wrote with “” because we are probably speaking in Europe a time span of 5/7 years more or less ) start to accuse, the new ones to start doing this job only because it’s easy to get money from it ( low concurrence, surfing the wave of the coolness and so on ).

Starting from the point that everybody is free do to whatever he/she wants, we agree that everybody old and new teachers are doing for money.

ok ok …. we are getting more and more crazy 😀

Let me explain. I would challenge you and ask you to go to a shop and take something from it without paying. I’ll bring you some oranges to the jail 😉

The point is that it is completely right to ask for money for a service or product. As a teacher the offered service are dance lessons. To be able to teach there is a lot of work to be done: For example the continuate work on your dancing skills or the planning of the lessons (and I’m just naming two of a lot of things a teacher has to bring). You will say !!  ok ok .. but there are shops who sells low quality things and they didn’t pay anything or they invested not enough time to deliver that product to the people. You are right !!but I am sure it’s like in market economy.. therefore the law of supply and demand will apply.

Coming back to the title of this post, we have another point of view about “who’s doing it ONLY for money”.

When we started to teach we wanted from the beginning to focus on what we believe in and what we likes and I’m happy to say that we’re still going down that path even though not everybody has the same values we have. If at some point we would disown what we believe and we would start to offer something different that YES if someone would accuse us to do only for money we wouldn’t have arguments to reply.

Think about Mr Bill Gates who created Microsoft believing in what he was doing at some point would have started to support Apple just because it’s cool and the market is asking for it. What would you think ?  he’s just doing to follow the market and get money from it.

At the same reason if someone for example keen on the original Kizomba ( let’s say traditional … whoooss …. arghhh !!!  I heard someone lashing ) starts to offer and support Urban kiz teachers and dancers just because it’s cool then we would definitely says this people are doing just for sake of money, which is completely different to keep following and offering something because you really like and you really believe.

Again, it’s completely acceptable that a lot of people wants to start their path on teaching, we are living in a free world and everybody should be free to do what he likes ( as long you are not going to the above mentioned shop taking something without paying 😀 )  what is debatable is put aside your faith to accomplish the market and get more money for it.

That’s why we won’t never change our faith starting to teaching something we don’t believe or offering workshops with artist we don’t like or support. It would be contradictory to support and let grow something you don’t like. It’s is like have a garden full of Tomatoes while you love Cucumber. Plant Cucumber not Tomatoes.

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