Kizomba Touch goes to Afrolatin Connection Training


As we already said KIZOMBA TOUCH is always developing ourselves and learn new stuff in order to deliver  Hi-end classes for our students. So sticking on this track, last July we went to the “AFROLATIN CONNECTION 8th KIZOMBA TEACHERS TRAINING” in Portugal , which means we spent  5 days with one of the worldwide awarded Kizomba couple in the world.

Paula Loureiro and Ricardo Sousa of Afrolatin connection had been dancing together since 2000, and in 2005 they started the AfroLatin dance Company. They are the companies artistic directors and choregraphers, as well as dancers in the group. They are really famous for her teaching structure and the great knowledge of the root of Kizomba.

During these days we had the chance to go through themes like Root of Kizomba,  way of communication, Pedagogy, Lessons structure and so on.


What we liked more it’s been the great respect for every kind of style of kizomba dance and music which is completely according to our thoughts, in fact we always thought that there is space for traditional and modern style. A description which we really liked it’s been the ” kizomba umbrella ” which group all together without any discrimination all the styles of music and dance. As we get used to say, kizomba is already a mix of different cultures and music styles and it’s something in constant movement. That’s why we believe in Kizomba Fusion because it’s a mixture of respect for the roots and a sight in the future.

We have been really fascinated to the great energy and passion of Paula and Ricardo and their strength to go through the challenges the life showed them. The result is under our eyes and it’s been really inspiring.



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