We are really proud to be invited for the first festival ZURICH KIZOMBA NIGHTS happeningb4e21027-b9f5-4348-b9c8-c0ca6e6760b6 the next 26Th of November in Bananenreiferei. It’s a great chance to take part at some interesting workshops, meet artists and great Djs.

We will held a beginner workshop Saturday from 18-19 about MUSICALITY AND TECNIQUE in Kizomba.

We want to propose something different and interesting for this beginner class where we will work still with basic,steps understanding how the kizomba music works and how you can use easy tecniques to make your dance more interesting and coherent with the music.

We are looking forward to see you there and enjoy together this great event in Zurich.

For more informations and book your pass now click this Link : STARTICKETS

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