Sensual touch Special Edition with JP & STEPHY

The 2nd October 2018, for the first time in Zürich, Jp & Stephy from Paris will be our exclusive guests at Sensual Touch Party. The 2 times winners of Olympiads of Kizomba will held a masterclass on KIZOMBA SENSUAL.

From 19:30 2 Intensive hours full of practice and techniques and after we our usual party with Dj Skin at the console. Plenty of special guests and taxi dancers for both men and ladies and you will have also the chance to dance with Jp & Stephy.

Get your ticket here before it’s too late: HERE


JP & Stephy are the champions of Olympiads of kizomba an after a long journey through a lot of training and competitions. What enabled them to win the competition and the heart of the public, is their very human and artistic approach of the dance that strives to innovate and create a fusion between the two of them. To have this very distinctive style in Kizomba, they invented new technics of styling and connecting, and mix some tango nuevo elements into their dance. The outcome is a stunning dance experience; that’s why their workshops are unique and challenging, but always enlightening.

Prizes: Champions of the Olympiads 2017 & 2018 (in Sensual and Urban)

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