Why we think supporting free events is not a good thing

Well, let’s say the truth!! we all like to get something for free. Nobody likes to put the hands on the pockets and take out some money but the questions are:

  • Are you sure you are doing your interest?
  • Are you sure you are doing the right thing for the community?
  • Are you sure you are not instead contributing to having fewer events in your city or maybe just in not really cool and nice locations?

Let’s go through together this hot topic and discover together why as hearted passionate kizomba dancers we think it’s not so good to support regular Free or cheap events and why we think it’s important to give the right value to the things.

Point 1: Pretty easy !! All the people working to let you having fun are …( repeat after me ) … WORKING.

Behind all the nice atmospheres, lights, sounds, drinks etc. there is a lot of preparation, work, problems to be solved at the last minute, calls, promotion etc etc. We are getting used to seeing only the “golden shell” of an event, which is ok, but we never think how much work there’s before, during and after the event. As events organiser, we agree that in the first instance we organise events because it’s our passion and we love to spread our passion to other people, but still nobody should forget that it’s something that implies financial risks and money involved. I’m sure you wouldn’t wake up in the morning and going to work knowing that you will get back home without anything in your pocket. Barmans, Security, hostess, Dj’s, photographers etc. Are professionals who require compensations.

Point 2: Nice places have to be paid.

It’s nice to dance in cool clubs with top sound system, cosy environment, elegant and chic furniture, good dance floor and so on. Well enough to say that all these things have a price tag that has to be paid.

Point 3: If you pay for an event you are helping the event organiser to give you next time another better event.

Most of the time, especially in the Kizomba scene, the span between costs and profits is very limited ( sometimes ridiculously thin ) which means if you don’t pay for an event, next time the organiser won’t have any budget to organise the next cool event with the great artist you wanted always to see in your city. Paying the right amount for an event means also than helping yourself your dreams comes true because this money will be used to give you better and better products, workshops, classes and parties.

Point 4: You will lose places where to dance in your city and you will need to stay home on the sofa watching tv.

Yes!! You won’t maybe believe this, running a club it’s a business thing like having a shop or a supermarket. The clubs where the events happen live with the entrance fee and with the drinks you order at the bar, if the club doesn’t get anything to cover the costs and get a profit, they will close the event without any regret. I’m sure if you would have your own shop you won’t allow people stepping in, taking products and going out without scratching your brand new credit card reader with their American express, but many times people are coming to parties carrying bottles of water to avoid to spend money at the bar or trying to infiltrate the parties selling themselves as ” V.I.P.” who should be in the guest list.

Point 5: Supporting a free event means killing other paid ( doubtless better ) events.

Have you ever being angry when you heard that your best friend got fired because of they delocalised in China the production of the factory where he was working? Well, this is what happens when you support a free event. At some point, the organiser or club who is working hard to give you the best event won’t survive anymore this impolite and incorrect competition and sadly they will stop any running projects. Funny thing is that also who had this great idea to start a cool FREE party with a “super” FREE Workshop don’t know that they won’t also survive themselves ( if you wonder why, please read “point 4″ again ). I’m sure you don’t want to stay home watching for the 3rd time ” The walking dead ” from the start.

Point 6: You got what you paid for.

Simple as that. Most of the time, FREE means you will get something from someone who’s not really trusting the product he’s selling. We give ourselves the value we deserve, that’s why when you go to buy a Mercedes Benz you pay 50000-200000 CHF and other cars barely touch the 20000 CHF. Quality costs and it’s perceived immediately. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to let try the people your classes or to do a promotional Free workshop to let the people know you better, but when you are doing in a regular basis than it’s another story.
Professionals have to be paid for their work.

Point 7: You are putting “responsibility” to the event organiser.

For the organiser knowing that someone took the money earned with blood, sweat and tears from his/her pocket to participate in his next event means putting the responsibility on the organiser himself. Means the organiser will feel responsible and he will do everything to deliver a good product for his clients. Yes, of course, there are organisers who don’t care about this but they just want to see their bank account growing with the lowest effort possible, but we don’t want to take these unserious organisers in consideration, do we?

Probably this topic would have more points to speak about but I tried to resume and to focus on what are the most important ones. I would love to hear your opinion about this topic so feel free to leave a comment below.
I hope these considerations about why it’s important to support loyal and honest organisers who are willing to spread their passion and create a real community will let you think next time you will hear some random guys screaming ” FREE PARTY, WITH FREE WORKSHOP WITH FREE DRINKS AND WE DRIVE YOU HOME PERSONALLY AFTERWARDS ” 😉

Peace and love

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