Welcome to Kizomba Touch

Kizomba Touch is founded with our passion for Kizomba and we would love to spread this joy to more and more people. We seek to create a Kizomba community based on a high level of skill and respect, where everyone can develop their full potential.

Why Kizomba

We Believe in the healing power of the hug. In other dance styles, there is no such kind of embrace and this is what makes Kizomba such a unique experience… It creates a feeling of connection and it’s all about sharing the positive energy the two dancers create with each other.

There are other things that make Kizomba so special:

Unlike common beliefs, it is not a sensual, but more of a sensitive dance…You need to focus on your partner all the time, give them attention and respect them , react to each other’s movements in a subtle way, which creates the beautiful feeling that you’re moving as one. There is no need or pressure to show off, because the important thing is you, your partner and the connection between the two.
Sometimes people compare Kizomba with Tango, because you also dance in a close embrace and you have similar elements. But Kizomba has something, that is missing in Tango…which is that you don’t have to walk in order to dance…you can stay in place and still be dancing, enjoying the connection.

 Kizomba is a dance, where you can interpret each element of the music in a different way. The beat makes you move, but you can choose how to place every step in whatever direction you want rather than sticking to specified figures and sequences. This gives an incredible freedom for the leader making him an artist, the dance floor and his partner being the canvas and his movements and steps being his painting tools. For the follower it’s an exciting interaction, because she never knows what comes next, which requires a lot of trust, focus and relaxed flexibility, feeling and choosing to respond to his suggestions in order to create a beautiful painting together.

And last, but not least: In this dance your body never stops moving, there is a continuity in the movements even when you stay in one place, creating the so called Kizomba flow. The most beautiful and unique experience can happen when there is a perfect connection and synchronization and you enter a state similar to trance when everything and everyone around you seem to disappear and you move automatically with the flow as if there was nothing else in the world.

So this is why Kizomba creates so many smiles on people’s faces and a strong beat of their hearts matching the beat of the music…it’s not just a dance…it’s much more…



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Registrations in couple are welcome but you can subscribe also without a partner. We will organize helpers for you.

What Our students says

  • A different way to teach Kizomba with usefull exercises. After 2 lessons you can dance on the dance floor. The teachers are amazing, young and with a lot of passion !! I love this class, the best of Zurich !



  • I have great time join Kizomba classes given by Kizomba Touch are simply amazing. Relaxed atmosphere, properly explained steps and the ability to practice the routines learnt with a great bunch of like minded people is an experience one of a kind. I highly recommend to join this particular course in Zurich in order to lit up KiZomba within you.



  • Kizomba Touch team sind motivierte und aufgestellteTanzlehrer, welche mit Begeisterung Kizomba unterrichten. Sie bringen uns in einer familiären Ambiente mit viel Herzblut ihre Tanzschritte bei und setzen alles daran, dass wir uns wohlfühlen. Sie gehen auch in Privatlektionen auf individuelle Wünsche ein. Ob Anfänger oder Fortgeschritten, ob jung oder alt - alle sind jederzeit herzlich willkommen.



  • emotional, connected, musical, sensual, like philosophy in a dance.. that's Kizomba with Kizomba Touch



  • Maurizio
  • Ewa
  • daniela
  • sabrina

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