Always two teachers

For a better feedback

Balanced Classes

If you don’t have any partner, we will find one for you.

Real feedback for the ladies

Because “Just follow” isn’t enough

Update music

Our playlist has always the latest music

Focused exercises

Not only steps but also techniques

Dance with upper levels

During the class you can dance and socialise with more experienced dancers

ourKizomba ClassesAre JustDifferent

We have been working for a long time to deliver the best learning experience, creating different and more structured classes.

We know how important is to have strong basic foundations before to access the upper level, for this we created a special beginner class called


who will give you all the necessary keys to go confidently through the more advanced classes?

The upper classes are divided into levels and each level in modules with its own special theme.

Once you have completed the foundation course, you can proceed to the second level than the third and so on. Because each module in a level has the same difficulty, you can choose your own module in any order.

Isn’t it fantastic?

findThe ClassThat fits yourNeeds


OurVip ClassThe class Like never before

Did you ever want to have a proper class with the artists of your dreams right at the doorstep of your house? Did you ever have the feeling that 1 hour of a workshop with 40/50 people isn’t enough for you?

Then this is the class for you. This is an exclusive concept created from us, a class with special international artists limited to only 20 participants in a professional private studio.

8 hours of training divided into 4 weeks where the artists will follow you how in a proper class should be. If this isn’t enough at the end of the course you will get a professionally recorded video of the whole course, so you won’t miss any concept and you can practice again at home.

What are you waiting for? Check out now the calendar

And find your next VIP class

Our upcomingVIP ClassAroundThe corner

ourEventsThe bestIn the city

We love to make you happy, that’s why we are always keen on deliver the great events in best locations around the city.

Masterclasses and workshops with the best and the coolest Kizomba Artist in the world, Parties with famous Dj’s and taxi dancers for both Ladies and Guys.

For us it’s important that you feel at home at we care a lot about creating a friendly environment. You will fall in love about our events.

Check out now our event schedule and join our family.

discoverOur SpecialEvents to meet yourFavourite artists

findThe WeeklyEvent for yourFree time

meetOur teamAwesome peopleAt your service

Founder & Teacher

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    Kizomba is not a dance, is a way to discover a person without even speaking.

” It’s never too early or too late to learn something. The important thing is how you learn. Being a teacher is matter of respect of your students and as teacher you must stay student. That’s why you shouldn’t be ashamed to go back in that position keep being humble and learn day by day. Just do it with passion as I do.”Simone

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    I love to dance

    Dancing is soul food
    While dancing you can find and lose yourself both at the same time and I truly love to share that passion.


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    Teaching is

    my purpose, no matter if I teach to kids or to adults, I feel happy to help people to grow


whatPeopleSayAbout us

weLoveTo learnAlways

ourMethodTeaching reinvented

Foundation Course

This is our beginner course.

It’s build in a way that you can start at any moment. The whole course will give you the basic Kizomba steps you need to be able to go through the next modules.

Improvers Modules

This sections is built of X modules.

Each module has the same level of difficulty and it will let you focus in one particular IMPROVER theme. The modules can be taken in any order.

Intermediate Modules

This sections is built of X modules.

Each module has the same level of difficulty and it will let you focus in one particular INTERMEDIATE theme. The modules can be taken in any order.

Advanced Modules

This sections is built of X modules.

Each module has the same level of difficulty and it will let you focus in one particular ADVANCED theme. The modules can be taken in any order.

ourPricesSimple, EasyConvenient

Our Membership
For all the pockets

We have a membership for all your need. Do you prefer private lessons or you feel better in group classes? Are you busy and you want just to pop up from time to time? No worries. We thought about everything.

We have also special discounts for Students because learn to dance should be affordable for everybody.

200 Chf
2 Months – 1 hour a week

100 Chf

30 Chf

150 Chf
2 months – 1 hour a week

150 Chf

10 %
if you book 2 or more classes

New block of lessons every 2 months

Each Class is
60 Minutes

Updated music during the classes

Without partner ? You are more than welcome

Holidays in program? Missing days not charged

Missed Classes? You can recover on another day

ourDJNot only musicBut special moments

” Being Dj means discover everyday new music. Bring on the dance floor culture, fun and quality. Always be aware of the people on the dance floor and try to be at their service. “Dj Skin

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    Music is what makes the world a better place. Constantly on searching new ways to let the dancers express themselves on the dance floor.

music is my heart

ourPhoto & VideoServiceTo catch the moment

over10 YearsOf experienceAt your service

As event organisers, we know how to stand our your party.

We provide a professional and discrete service. Our team is equipped with latest photo and video tools.

With our experience in computer graphic and video editing, we can provide hi-quality promo reel, trailers, titling.

We have also experience in audio editing and sound fx.

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    If you have any doubt or you need more informations, we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

    Zürich – Switzerland
    Monday – Friday:  1200 – 2300
    +41 79 955 76 69

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